Latest Marketing Dissertation Topics and Sample Topic Ideas

Enhancement of e-marketing and Strategic Internet marketing in the Global Market Place.

The research will examine how organizations have embraced e-marketing strategies and internet tools to promote their services and products, influence consumers, and also reach more potential consumers of their products unlike when using traditional mediums of marketing.

 Example of Marketing Research Topic Idea


Critical Marketing Ethics associated with beer and cigarette promotion and advertisement

This topic seeks to determine what is considered ethical in the means or ways in which an organization markets its products with a specific focus on the liquor and cigarette industry. The research will look at the set standards or principles that guide marketing activities from the organizational perspective, government dimension e.t.c.

MBA/Marketing Dissertation Topic Idea  

 Strategically enhancing the Position of Organizational Products amongst Consumers through Green Marketing

The topic seeks to determine how organizations adopt and use green marketing to strategically position their products in the market such that they are able to achieve a competitive edge through customer satisfaction, confidence and trust.

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A Valid dissertation paper should reflect the following: A dissertation paper provides an avenue for a student to show his/her skills in identifying a research topic, setting appropriate objectives, organizing the collected research data and maintaining originality and significance throughout the writing process. Students pursuing a doctoral degree usually undertake this type of advanced research project.

The scope of a research is usually limited but its length varies across various academic disciplines and depending on the availability of research resources. Whereas a research project and thesis are meant to contribute to the already existing knowledge, a dissertation is expected to contribute new knowledge to the particular field under study, meaning that a dissertation must be significant in relation to the field under study.

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