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Qualitative & Quantitative Research Reports Samples and Topics

Topic: Information System Management: Its relevance in the libraries, organizational marketing, and the place of the internet today.

  1. This is a Research Report on Business Administration in APA formatting, Qualitative study: This report seeks to address Information System management and its emerging concerns as a tool and strategy in the management, marketing, and information delivery. The report examines the extent to which Information System Management (ISM) is relevant to the Government and other organizations, particularly in the United Kingdom. Moreover, it explores and analyzes methods that would be instrumental in determining how it is being utilized and the extent to which it should be improved thus knowing the components which should be discarded and the ones that should be replicated.

Topic: A study on Information and Communications Technology

  1. This is an Information Technology Report Presented in APA Formatting, Qualitative Study: This paper is a study of information and communication technology with reference to the government of the United Kingdom and in particular to the ICT conference on Tuesday 25th January 2011. It is during this conference that the government stated its objectives of reducing expenditure, and carbon emissions, and enhancing transparency from the central government to the grassroots. This paper, therefore, introduces the concept of ICT, looks at the current state of affairs in the government concerning the same, role of information technology systems in organizations as well as the role ICT plays in the reduction of spending, and carbon emissions, as well as enhancement of transparency. This study also explores the various kinds of information systems available today and expounds on one of them. 

Topic: Information Systems Management

  1. This is a Business and Marketing Research Report done in Harvard Formatting, Qualitative Study: This paper seeks to examine the current situation in the country regarding ICT and the technologies that are already being used in development. In doing so, it will consider the views of key players in mobile and other forms of communication in order to gain an understanding of the technology they use. The writer will choose three local council services and give brief proposals of how these can be put online. The paper will also address the trends of eCommerce in transforming businesses and business processes. In addition, it will give the political aspect of their operations; and how local authorities can partner with the private sector to amend services being offered to the public in a way that will save the government more money while at the same time still benefitting the private sector. 

Topic: The Management of a McDonald's Outlet

  1. This is a Report on Business Administration Research in Harvard Formatting, Observational: This project involves observing McDonald's, a busy food outlet in Bristol, United Kingdom. This observation will mainly focus on the way the business is managed on a day-to-day basis and what role the management of a branch plays in ensuring that the branch is successful on a day-to-day basis, the management presence, and style. The tasks that are done in the operation of the outlet will also be observed and how the managers play the role of motivating the workers who work in the outlet. Overall the project will be the observation of how the managers play their role of ensuring that the organization is successful and at the same time ensuring that the operations run smoothly in an organized manner.

Topic: The Effects of Mutual Dependence and Joint Action in Buyer-Supplier Relationship on Quality of Supplies: The Moderating Role of Power Asymmetry.

  1. This is a  Commerce Research Report in APA Formatting, Quantitative Study: There has been a noticeable increase in the number of mergers and acquisitions in the recent past. This has come about because of the realization that firms can achieve more of their business goals if they work as a team. However, researchers in the field of supply chain management have been able to establish that alliances alone among or between the various industry players may not necessarily translate to improved performance operations with regard to the quality of supplies. There are a number of factors that determine the success of any cooperation among exchange partners. Key among them is the presence of spanning activities as well as the absorptive capability and the distribution of exchange partners’ abilities across the power symmetry dyad. This report will therefore establish the effects of exchange partners in a mutual dependence relationship exploiting relationship management strategies to ensure that they realize the full benefits of the synergies that accrue from the relationships. 

Topic: The Impact on the Value of Banks in the UK after the 2008 Financial Crisis

  1. This is a Research Report on Finance and Accounting in APA Formatting, Qualitative Study: This study examines three causes and has been categorized into three perspectives namely, the Macro-Economic, Accounting and Finance, and the Legal and Corporate Governance perspectives. The report defines a financial crisis and goes ahead to list the causes of the financial crisis, these have been categorized into three perspectives namely: macroeconomic, Financial and accounting, and Legal and corporate governance perspective. The study further covers the impact on the banking sector, bank analysis, and market value and provides the ratio analysis.

Topic: Environmental Policies Put up by the Mayor and the Greater London Authority

  1. This is a Business Report on Public Relations and Administration in MLA Formatting, Qualitative Study: This report provides in-depth information on the powers and responsibilities of both the Mayor and the Greater London Authority and gives an analysis of the environmental policies introduced by the Mayor within the last five years. The report also gives an analysis of public participation and the GSM student opinions concerning the real changes that have been applied and those that are yet to be applied within Greater London, and finally presents a conclusion that shows the level of progress in achieving the London vision.

Topic: Applied Research in Engineering and Technology

  1. This is a Research Report and Review of References on Engineering and Technology in APA Formatting: The report covers the: Fit and specific rationale, participants of the research, the context, steps in sequence, the data, analysis, results, conclusions, cautions, and finally the discussion.

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