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Examples of Research Project Papers & Topic Ideas

Topic: Neoliberalism Effects on Different Genders

  1. This is a Human Relations Research Paper in APA Formatting, Qualitative Study: Some of the topics that will be investigated as part of the research include; Post-Fordism and Feminism, and Neoliberalism and Gender.

Topic: Income Inequality in the US

  1. This is a Research Paper on Public Policy and Administration in MLA Formatting: This research discusses possible causes of increasing income inequality in the United States despite economic growth experienced in the same period. It will cover the trends in income inequality, how to measure income inequality, and the causes of income inequality in the United States.

Topic: Health effects of Omega-3 fatty acids

  1. This is a Research/Article Review Paper in Health Science in APA Formatting, Qualitative Study: The paper lists various peer-reviewed articles, non-scholarly articles, textbooks, and internet sites, and each of their takes on the Health effects of Omega-3 fatty acids. The article review paper concludes that omega-3 fatty acids are an essential part of the human diet. They have numerous advantages to the human body, including giving young kids higher IQs, warding off certain diseases such as diabetes, and also providing some relief for patients suffering from other diseases, such as lupus. Apart from these advantages, omega-3 fatty acids have also been proved to reduce the mortality rate of cardiovascular diseases. 

Topic: Women "outperform men" at university

  1. This is an Article Review on Human Science Research Paper (no cited article): The author of the article makes use of findings of a study conducted at Brunel University which showed that women performed better in academics than men. The author noted that women enrolled in the university with almost similar grades as their male counterparts, however, the female students worked harder than the men and therefore performed better at the university. The author only mentions one factor that motivates women to work harder and argues that women work harder at the university because they will in future work in a male-dominated environment and good university results will give them an edge in this kind of environment. The author concludes that female students perform better at the university compared to their male counterparts. According to the author, this can be attributed to hard work; the article however doesn’t critically analyze the cause of this.

Topic: Consumer Education Handout Simvastatin-Zocor

  1. This is a Descriptive Paper on Pharmacy in APA Formatting, Qualitative Study: The handout contains information on the: Zocor Mode of Action, uses of Zocor and its dosage, and how to Store Zocor, it also contains a caution for breastfeeding or pregnant women regarding possible side effects and details on the laboratory monitoring of Zodor.

Topic: Libya Civil War

  1. This is a Paper on International Relations Research done in MLA Formatting, Qualitative Study: The research paper covers the uprising in Libya which was part of a revolution that affected most of the Middle East and The Northern African countries. In Egypt and Tunisia, the revolution was successful without any external interventions while in Syria and Yemen the struggle by the opposition to take over from the oppressive regime still continues without any external help. In the History of the world’s conflict both in Africa and other parts of the world, few cases have witnessed the kind of urgent measures placed in Libya just a few months after the uprising started. The possibility of the international community is concerned not only with the interest of the Libyan citizens but more with the stake at risk in terms of world oil trade and security situations both in Europe and in the Gulf region.

Topic: Case Study

  1. This is a Research Paper for a Case Study on Strategic Management in Harvard Formatting, Qualitative Study: The case study uses Porter's Five Generic Strategies for the case study of The strategies include: Substitutes product threat New competitors threat Competitive rivalry intensity Buyer bargaining power Suppliers bargaining power.

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