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Research Paper Samples on Nursing - Topics and Ideas

Topic: Diabetes

  1. This is a Nursing Research Paper in Health Science in MLA Formatting, Qualitative Study: The paper lists the types of diabetes, the etiology of diabetes, the comparison of the signs and symptoms, the treatment for each type and concludes with a prognosis.

Topic: Important aspects of the neuro-maturational theory and the dynamic systems theory

  1. This is a Nursing Research Paper in Life Science in APA Formatting, Qualitative Study: Motor development in children is a term used to describe the ability of a child to play and manipulate objects, care for themselves, move themselves around, and integrate socially with other people. Different methods have been developed for assessing and rating the development of motor skills in young children. When assessing a child’s motor development, the factors considered are normally based on two theories, the neuro-maturation theory and a dynamic systems theory, which will be explored in this paper.

Topic: Talent identification and development in gymnastics

  1. This is a Nursing Case Study on Physical Science in Harvard Formatting, Qualitative Study: The study assesses the models that are currently used for the purpose of identification of talent, and their effectiveness in determining performance and talent. The case study also investigates the determinants of talent, the ethical and educational issues in the process of talent identification, and the controversies surrounding it.

Topic: Nutritional Supplements and Sports Food in Team and Individual Sports

  1. This is a Nursing Research Project on Physical Education in APA Formatting, Qualitative Study: This project will involve a study on the use of nutritional supplements and sports food by athletes and the effects the nutritional supplements and sports food have on them.

Topic: A Dietary Analysis of Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Fats

  1. This is a Nursing Research Paper on Physical Education in APA Formatting, Qualitative Study: This is a dietary analysis that will seek to clarify the importance of carbohydrates, fat, and proteins for healthy people. This is because carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are some of the most essential macronutrients and in addition, they are a major source of calories for any individual. It will cover balanced diets, nutrients in balanced diets, energy balance, active people, and fluid requirements.

Topic:  Pathophysiology of Hyperlipidemia and the Management of this condition with Simvastatin, among the African Americans Population.

  1. This is a Nursing Research Paper on Health science in APA Formatting, Qualitative Study: Hyperlipidemia is a condition that results from the presence of excess fatty substances, largely triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood. This paper further goes into detail about the Cause, Diagnosis, and treatment of hyperlipidemia, Description of Simvastatin, Efficacy of Simvastatin in African Americans, Simvastatin mode of action, Dosage and administration of simvastatin, Side effects of Simvastatin, Contraindication of Simvastatin, Caution on should take when using Simvastatin, Laboratory monitoring Simvastatin and finally Patient education on the use of Simvastatin. A summary of the discussion is provided at the end of the paper.

Topic: Attitude and Motivation for Physical Education Profession

  1. This is a Nursing Research Paper- Discussion of Results Chapter on Physical education in APA Formatting, Quantitative Study: This study was carried out among students at Sultan Qaboos University, who were engaged in physical activity and were taking physical education as a career. The study was carried out to identify whether participating in physical activities influenced students to choose physical education as a career. The study discusses students’ attitude towards participation in physical activities, how the attitude toward physical activities influences motivation to choose physical education as a career and how attitude and motivation toward physical activities vary on different variables. The study establishes a strong attitude towards physical activities and motivation among students as an attractor toward the physical education profession.

Topic: Health Care Information System

  1. This is a Nursing Research Paper on Health Science in APA Formatting, Qualitative Study: The research study explores the extent to which information systems have been integrated into health care.

Topic: Research on The Relationship Between Attitudes Toward Participating In Physical Activities And Attractors For Choosing Physical Education Teaching Profession.

  1. This is a Nursing Research Journal on Physical Education and Health Science in APA Formatting, Quantitative Study: There has been an upsurge of students enrolling in physical education teaching programs, this necessitated a study on the synergy between motivation towards physical education teaching and attitude towards physical activities. This study investigates the relationship that exists between attitudes toward physical activities and motivation toward physical education teaching. The finding concluded that any prospective physical education student will show a strong attitude towards physical activities and high motivation toward the physical education profession regardless of gender, year of study, and GPA. In addition, the student will be intrinsically motivated to pursue a physical education teaching profession and least likely looking to benefit materially from what physical education teaching offers as compared to other teaching professions.

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