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Information Technology Research Topic Ideas & Samples

Topic: Technological Development

  1. This is an Information Technology Research Paper in MLA Formatting, Qualitative Study: This is a paper on technology and how it has continued to develop from one level to another since the industrial revolution in which case the general society across the world has become more dependent on it. The paper also talks about the aspects of technology, and the impact of technology, both positive and negative on society, that is, the government, commercial businesses, the news and media, educational facilities, social interaction, and lastly its impact on health and agriculture.

Topic: Cloud Computing

  1. This is a Research Paper on Telecommunication & Networking in APA Formatting, Qualitative Study in which the Research Paper content includes: ????An Introduction to Cloud computing and its definition ????Key characteristics of cloud computing ????Security in cloud computing ????Security challenges in cloud computing ????Trusting the cloud ????Storing data in the cloud and things that can go wrong ????Privacy risks and the cloud ????The future of privacy in the cloud ????A conclusion

Topic: Renewable Energy Source Hypothesis

  1. This is a Hypothesis for Research on Resource and Energy Engineering in APA Formatting, Qualitative Study: This paper will prove the hypothesis that “The current concern about the exhaustion of commonly used energy sources and their threat to the natural environment through pollution has made renewable energy sources not only the primary concern in the global search for sustainable energy but the prospected future energy sources for the planet.” 

Topic: The Need to Embrace Information Technology in African Businesses; A Case Study on 3 African Countries

  1. This is a Paper on Business Administration Research in APA Formatting, Mixed Research Study: The premise of this research paper is to establish the need for information technology in Africa as a way of promoting business development in Africa. By establishing this, it would be possible to answer the research question: “Is there a need to embrace information technology in African business? 

Topic: Improvement of Menu Selection Using Sliding Menus

  1. This is a Research/Dissertation Paper on Information Technology in APA Formatting, Quantitative Study: In a bid to compare and analyze the performance, (in terms of selection time and error rate), of both the traditional menus technique and sliding menus technique, (our proposed menu technique system), while selecting menu items at different levels of menu depths, this research paper presents the sliding menus technique, an interaction technique in which sub-menus 'slide' towards the cursor on demand, minimizing the cursor movement required to select sub-menus. This technique helps to improve the cascading menu technique performance and to reduce the mouse movement errors and menu selection times. This research paper introduces the study topic giving the research purpose and the study scope; the background and related works, design prototypes, the implementation, the study of the sliding menu technique, the methods, and the discussions are provided and which create a basis for the research conclusion as well as recommendations for further studies and inventions. 

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