How to write?

The structure or the outline of an essay is the manner in which a given piece of writing is organized. The structure or the outline serves as the skeleton in which all the other information comes to join in as flesh to make a whole functioning body. The outline of an essay is written in a manner that makes it possible for a reader to know the content of the essay by just running through them. In most cases, the outline is written in point form by using different types of letters and numerals. The letters and numerals used in outlining an essay are written in an indented method starting with the main points and later scaling down to the minor points. The points in the outline of an essay should follow the order in which they flow in an essay.


Titling/topic entails giving an essay a heading that will easily tell the reader once the reader reads it what a given essay is all about. In writing a topic or a title of an essay one should put more emphasis on the outline. The title of an essay should summarize what is in the whole essay with just a few words. Most of the essay titles fall into three broad categories. The descriptive, imaginative and personal types of titles. The descriptive titles describe what the essay is all about, the imaginative titles are used by those who write imagination essays and lastly the personal titles which are used by those who write essays about personal experiences. In any given type of essay, the most important thing about the title is that it should give the reader the general idea of what the essay is all about. The title of any given essay should also stand out among the rest of the texts by writing it in the capital and underlining it or by making it bold in the case of typed work.


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Essay Writing Tips.

These are paragraphs in an essay that conveys the message that the writer wants to convey to the readers. Body paragraphs explain in details what was listed in the outline of the essay. A body paragraph is first introduced by a topic sentence, which tells the reader what the paragraph is all about. After the topic sentence comes the explanatory part where the writer provides facts to support the topic sentence. At this juncture, the writer also does cite examples and illustration all in support of the topic sentence. The last part of the topic sentence is the conclusion part. The conclusion summarizes the whole body paragraph and also links the paragraph to the next paragraph so as to provide harmony and the flow of the essay.


This comes at the end of an essay. This is the point at which the writer wraps up or summarizes the ideas presented in the body paragraphs. The conclusion should be linked up to the introduction paragraph and no new ideas should be presented at this particular juncture. The conclusion should also be logic and clear and the writer should use interesting vocabulary so as to leave the reader with an impressive view of the writing skills of the writer. The conclusion part should also close the discussion of an essay without really closing it off, it should leave a room for the readers to criticize the essay and even raise questions and discussions from that given essay.


By referencing the reader simply acknowledges the sources or materials that he/she used when writing a particular essay. Referencing helps the readers to follow up the text that has been used in an essay if they so desire. The writer may decide to use different types of referencing methods as follows;

  1. In-text citation whereby the writer writes the sources of his/her materials of references. In-text citation, the writer quotes the Authors last name, year of publication and the page number all in a well-standardized format.
  2. Footnotes. They appear numerically at the foot of the very page where the direct quotation is made. A footnote comprises of the page number, the title of the book, and year of publication, the name of the publisher and the name of the author all in a given format.
  3. Endnotes. They are much similar to the footnotes the only difference is that they appear at the very tail end of an essay on a separate page, unlike footnotes that appear at the foot of every page.
  4. Bibliography. It’s a list of reference materials written in according to different subjects. They refer to the materials that were both directly quoted or not provided that the writer used the material to construct the ideas conveyed in a given essay. The bibliography list comprises the name of the author, title of the book, year of publication, the name of the publisher and the edition of the book.

Referencing helps to avoid plagiarism (an act of using other people ideas and presenting them as if they were originally yours), which is punishable in a court of law.

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