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A conclusion of an essay should simply summarize the main points of your essay. Different ways to conclude an essay should be employed so as to neatly wrap up the whole of your essay in an appealing way to the reader.

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Use of Questions

Questions can be used as one of the best ways to conclude an essay. Questions at the end of an essay help the reader of your essay to refer back to what you had written in the body paragraphs of your essay. By doing so, the questions serve as an effective way of summarizing the major ideas in your essay.



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Use of Quotes

Quotes can also serve as the best way to write an essay conclusion. Quotes at the end of an essay try to equate what you have written in your essay with what some of the great readers said or wrote about the same subject. Quotes effectively wrap up your essay in the sense that they make the readers refer back to your essay after reading the quote at the end of your essay.


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