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Samples of Nursing Case Studies Written in APA Format

  1. Topic: A Case Study on the Possible Effects that Stigma and Prejudice have on Individuals affected by HIV (This is a Case Study on Nursing Written using APA: This case study presents a comprehensive examination of the effects of HIV on the immune system and disease progression within individuals. The assignment also presents a critique and evaluation of the care and management of people with HIV and an evaluation of health promotion and prevention strategies for HIV. Further, the assignment presents a critical synthesis of the role of a multidisciplinary team and professional, legal, and legal issues. The case study gathers information with a focus on the following learning outcomes: a) the effects of HIV on the immune system and the disease progression b) the critique and evaluation of care and management of people with HIV, politics, and aging with HIV, c) service standards for HIV individuals, d) multidisciplinary team for HIV individuals e) pharmacological treatment for HIV patients, f) health promotion and prevention strategies for HIV, g) critical reflection on the possible effects that stigma and prejudice have on individuals affected by HIV, and h)role of the multidisciplinary team and relevant professional, ethical, and legal issues.)
  2. Topic: Nursing Theories- Nightingale Research Study (This is a Test Case for a Nursing Paper Written in APA Format: This evaluation discusses the application of Nightingale’s environmental theory in a given case study scenario. The case study entails a 68-year-old widow, Mrs. Adams, who was referred to case management after being discharged from the hospital because she cannot practice self-care. The assignment discusses the patient's treatment plan based on the case study and how Nightingale’s environmental theory is applicable in nursing practice. Nursing theories play a crucial role in nursing's professional discipline by organizing knowledge and guiding advanced science and practice to enhance patient care. The theories help address nursing phenomena associated with human health and caring from the context of nurse and patient relationships. Nightingale supports the application of theories in the nursing domain to study the distribution and epidemiological data of diseases for scientific advancement in the nursing disciplines. The case study discusses a) nightingale’s environmental theory and actions the nurse should take during the initial patient assessment, b) the appropriate care plan for Mrs. Adams and how to prioritize the care plan, and c) the application of nightingale’s environmental theory to nursing practice and patient-population that would benefit from the approach.)
  3. Topic: A Test Case on Comorbidity Analysis I: Diabetes Mellitus (This is a Nursing Case Study Evaluation Written in APA: This case study seeks to provide a case analysis of the patient based on a comorbidity condition. This case study highlights the case of a hypothetical patient, Mr. B, a retired 70-year-old African American man with a 6-year medical history of type 2 diabetes. Mr. B had symptoms of hyperglycemia for three years before being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The case study focuses on the following subtopics to highlight the topic: 1) Pathophysiology of Type II Diabetes and Asthma, 2) How Patient’s Factors and Socio-demographic Indicators Might Affect the Pathophysiology of the Disorders 3) Types of Health Assessments and Diagnostic Reasoning to Apply to This Patient, 4) Compensatory Mechanisms, 5) Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of the Medication, 6) How Potential Interactions between the Medications Justify the Selection of the Medications for the Patient, 7) How the Drugs Might Impact Various Body Systems and Measures to Take To Help Reduce Any Negative Effects, and 8) Patient Education on the Disorders Present.)
  4. Topic: Opiates/Drug Addiction Case Study Sample (This is a Case Study for a Nursing Project Written using APA: The case study discusses drug addiction with a focus on opiates. The project is organized by sub-themes sections of etiology, history of drug/opiate addiction, the role of policy in addiction, factors that sustain addiction, and theories or models of conceptualization. The project also discusses screening or assessment tools, the possibility of dual diagnosis or cross addiction, treatment options (medical and psychological), the role of God or spirituality, the role of suffering in the onset of addiction, and diverse perspectives on the addiction.)

Literature, Business School & Computer Science Case Study Samples

  1. Topic: Peter Schaffer's Amadeus (1979):  Self-Reflexivity – A Case Study Topic Idea (This is an English Literature Research Study Written using APA: The “Amadeus” is a play by Peter Shaffer and was written as a biography of a prominent composer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This project attempts to demonstrate how self-reflexivity has been employed in the play. The analysis of the play will involve a brief summary of historical reality and the criticism it has received. It will describe the psychological and psychoanalytic elements portrayed in the playing, citing relevant statements where self-reflexivity has been employed.)
  2. Topic: A Case Study on the Requirements and Design Change Risk Analysis (This is a test case or an essay that covers the risk associated with replacing the outdated commission system for Private Wealth Inc., analysis and evaluation of the identified risk, and recommendations for addressing those risks since risk assessment is a significant step in preparing for potential problems that may arise during any project. This is because unanticipated problems may have adverse effects on the project if there is no prior resolution plan.)
  3. Topic: Pet Recovery User Interface Prototyping Case Study (This is a Prototyping Methodology Computer Science Report Written using APA: This research results from an application with easy access and high availability that unites the community of people interested in the cause of abandoned animals. Their primary purpose is to help find lost animals and provide a platform capable of unifying ads and rescuing animals without an ideal home. This report proposes mobile devices that address ads for stray animals and ads for found animals to meet this demand.) The research follows the following steps recommended by the rubric:
    1. First stage: Bibliographic review.
    2. Second stage: Research to understand the current situation, its main failures, and how to resolve them.
    3. Third step: Installation of all systems (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD) for study and a better understanding of each.
    4. Fourth step: creating the first app design right at its first version, thus generating a new version of each modification made.
    5. Front-end architecture of the application that will consume the API, Next phase.
    6. Development of the API, which will contain the system itself and will store the application data, Next Phase.