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Sample Topics for a Research Project in Computer Science 

Artificial Intelligence Knowledge-Based System to Detect Threat and Crime Committed in Information Communication Technology Today.

  Explanation:  It is Adaptive Toolkit for the Discovery of Threats; initiative developed a toolkit that integrates intelligent knowledge discovery techniques, advanced data mining technologies, and knowledge-based methods for automated threat detection. It is an agent-based decision support system that facilitates the automated generation of information from different and distributed data including news feeds, web databases, traffic reports, radio intercepts, human intelligence, etc. It mines the data to dig out meaningful knowledge or sign of emerging threats. The toolkit's learning mechanisms adapt to changing data patterns, making threat detection and response increasingly timely, proactive, and comprehensive as the data set enlarges. Apart from terrorist threat prediction, including emergency response management, target/decoy recognition and discrimination, industrial espionage detection, financial fraud detection, and computer network intrusion detection. The toolkit is also applicable for commercial industries with a need for knowledge discovery including the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, and construction industries. We are more than willing to assist with one of thelatest comp science dissertation topics.

A Fuzzy Logic Based System for Weather Prediction to Boost the   Farming Sector by Analyzing Seasons.

Explanation: Fuzzy logic recognizes more than simple true and false values. With fuzzy logic, propositions can be represented with degrees of truthfulness and falsehood. Fuzzy logic has proved to be particularly useful in expert and other artificial intelligence (AI) applications. It is also used in some spell checker to suggest a list of credible words to replace a misspelled one. The atmosphere is in a state of constant change determined globally by solar energy and by energy resulting from the rotation of the earth. Latitude, ocean currents and landmasses determine whether features on a global scale. Models take as input readings from weather stations, weather, satellite images, atmospheric probes, and other sources. These values serve as initial conditions to systems of equations that describe the atmosphere. The models are run statically and produce forecasts on a six-hourly basis that serves as the foundation of all forecasts. Fuzzy system analyses all factors of weather and give meaningful information to the metrological department and climatologically departments.

 Adoption of Global Positioning System (GPs) and Smart Box Technology to Lower Car Insurance Fee and Enhance Classy Navigation on the Roads 

 Explanation: Use of GPs and smart box technology for car Tracking is fairly common in new vehicles, providing drivers with tracking and navigation. Smart box technology is one example of how car GPs tracking systems are to be used to lower car insurance. An inclusive recording of a driver's habits allows insurance companies to provide, pay as you drive car insurance. In this consideration, the smart box can be used to track how the vehicle is traveling and the risks it is exposed to. Great cities have limited to change the infrastructure of their roadways. This enables the implementation of the of a car GPs tracking system, which is integrated with traffic information that gives the driver the ability to make decisions like, routes in the real-time were more fuel efficient, faster, less congested. Now according to the decision made by the driver, judgment is based on that, in regard to the insurance fees payments e.g. calculating mileage based on the road use fee.

Explanation of a Sample Thesis Topic in Computer Science

 Three Ways to Stop Cyber Crimes and Hacking other than Using Protective Software to Alleviate Damages Caused By Hackers 

Data Encryption: Data encryption has been proven to be the most effective methods to enhance privacy in wireless networks. The encryption is done using coded language. Most of the wireless routers now came with encryption turned off, so it’s upon the user to turn them on. Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) has been proven to be the most effective encryption means.

Limit Who Can Access Your Network: Avoid making your network public it should have only targeted groups of access, to do this every system able to access the wireless internet has a Media Access Control (MAC) address; configuring your wireless connection to only allow certain MAC's access to the wireless connection and this has a hard step to preventing unauthorized user.

Personalize Security Settings: Most companies who manufacture routers, computers, and wireless systems tend to give the pre-determined passwords and default names for security which are very easy for a hacker to research. It is advisable to change them all and have a private password and wireless setting.

Other Latest Sample Computer Science Topic Ideas

Intelligence Based Watermill Mechanism to Mitigate Clean Water Problems and Water Borne Diseases in Flooding Areas and Areas without Clean Water Globally

Sample Computer Science Thesis Topic on an intelligent Water Mill

Watermill, it is an atmospheric water generator, it converts air into fresh water. It’s designed for areas that do not have clean drinking water, the Watermill is for households that prefer an eco-friendly, cost-effective alternative to bottled water. It actually converts air into the water when the temperature of the air becomes saturated with enough water vapor that it begins to condense. What is unique about the Watermill is that it has intelligence. This makes the appliance more efficient. It samples the air every 3 minutes to settle on the most proficient time to convert the air into water. It will also give information when to change the carbon filter and close up itself off if it cannot compose uncontaminated clean water

Operation of Business Websites on Virtual Servers for Small Businesses towards Operational Costs Management.

Explanation: The business website on virtue is virtualized software; has developed and evolved to make little difference to server performance, and means that your share of resources will be optimized at all times. The virtue servers use cloud computing which is upcoming technology for sharing REMOTE resources on a network since Cloud computing entrusts remote services with a user's data, software, and computation. Most of the current businesses have a dedicated server, where you pay to control a dedicated box, whereas the virtual option gives you space on a server that may host several other virtual environments, and is optimized to allow the best allocation of that resource. Other advantages are a shared resource is easily scalable. You can get an upgrade in the event of a huge surge in traffic, without committing to a big new piece of hardware.

 Use of Reliable Technology to Reduce Insecurity in Domestic Settings via Mobile Systems

Explanation:  Home security mobile system is a software application that is designed to alert someone that an intruder has entered his/her house. The system uses the cellular or mobile wireless network for communication, wireless sensor, and web cameras. The installation of a wireless sensor and web camera at someone's door is the first stage, and then they are configured with someone mobile phone. The sensor in your door will sense any abnormal vibration made in your house and send an alert to the phone. The user of the mobile after receiving the alert can now activate web camera on the phone and also the web cameras in the house because they are also under network. The person can see what is happening in his house. The system can also be used in industries for supervisory on a machine in case of breakage or producing abnormal vibration.

Online Public Service Vehicles Management System based on Cloud Computing Technology for Scaling Resources

Explanation: The motor vehicle transport industries currently have had a lot of challenges especially on the transport schedule. The software has a lot of advantages when a customer books a vehicle online, the system integrates real-time reservation software, booking systems, web publication, accounting and administration into one single integrated system. This eliminates any duplication of work and guarantees correct up-to-date information across the board to all participants. Software offer proven standardized systems created to benefit small and medium-sized actors such as travel firms, property-letting agencies, and incoming service providers. The system is extremely flexible and is able to seamlessly integrate the handling of everything from the production of complex packages, dynamic packaging using customer’s own resources. The virtue servers are using cloud computing which is upcoming technology for sharing remote resources on a network since Cloud computing entrusts remote services with a user's data, software, and computation. Other advantages are a shared resource is easily scalable due to cloud computing.


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