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Sample Topics in Computer Science for Graduate-Level Projects

Intelligent Agents to Enable Mobile Devices to Function Smoothly Even if they Can Only Access a Wireless Network Sporadically to Enhance Security

The new system is the best application designed to improve communications and enables instant or spontaneous networking for public safety personnel. The main goal of this software(S/W) is to replace the global positioning system (GPS) phone, two-way radios, and handheld data recorder. The S/W allows the GPS to track a security office location in real time and map direction can also be sent by use of handheld devices. These greatly shorten the response times in the emergency scenario. S/W agents monitor changes in the network and store data in a secure manner in time of network instability. The S/W can learn in any type of mobile device and also any wireless network, but the main advantage is that the S/W can create it's own ad hoc networks in case all the all other available networks completely fails. We have writers that assist with writing quality computer science topics for dissertations.

Non-Acoustic Sensors that Detect Speech without Actual Sound so that Speech can be heard above Loud Background Noise when Communicating with a Phone

A non-Acoustic sensor replaces the microphone because it takes only the sound of the person who is wearing the device, unlike the microphone that takes both the speaker voice and the sound of the environment. The device can be used in noisy areas such as crews in a noisy vehicle. The sensor is made up of tuned electromagnetic resonator collar that uses sensing mechanism developed for magnetic resonance imaging. In this case, the collar act like a capacitor to store charges generated by electricity. As a person speaks the vocal code vibrates and the collar translates the vibration into electrical signals. Electrical signals get interpreted by computer microchip and transformed into human speech without any other external sound. When referring to sound it implies the sound that is generated by objects vibration and this actually causes pressure wave in the atmosphere. Sound waves have a spectrum of frequencies called the pitch. When the frequency is higher, it means that air pressure is vibrating at a higher rate. Our Computer science writers offer latest sample comp science topics that impress.

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Are you looking for a quality sample computer science sample topics online? We are the best solution for your predicament. Knowing that we have quality term paper writing services, our customers can only be assured of having quality support from us. For students having it as a daunting task presenting a high-quality term paper an outline is very important, for it guides you through as you write your term paper. We well know that performing a task when you have guidelines and instructions becomes easier than when you have no clue whatsoever. We are reputed to offer the best sample topics to our customers. 

A Computerized Robot Made of Roughly the Same Components as Human Beings which is better as a therapy to help both Children and Adults with Autism to Socially Interact.

Autism is caused by the neurological disorder that affects the normal functionality of the brain and results in an impaired aspect of social interaction and communication skills. A person with Autism has difficulties in verbal and non-verbal communication and this leads to poor social interaction. The robot completely apes the human body structure: movable joints, muscle system to with motors and actuators to move the body structure and sensory system to collect inputs information from the environment. A robot also has a power source to activate the body and a computer brain system to synthesize the input information and tells the body what to do. A robot replicates human behavior and due to its human capacity, it keeps on instructing the person with autism what to do until the patient adapts. It has the capability to make the patient have movements by physically moving the body of the body.

Latitude Systems that Upload Health Information that can Help Physicians Monitor the Day-To-Day Changes in Patients at Home to Reduce the Number of Hospitalized Patients with Heart Failure.

The implanted defibrillator has inbuilt a mini antenna that sends a signal to a wireless system installed in the patient home. The data is then automatically uploaded to a secure server on the internet where the physician can access the information at any place or any time. The system has no limited parameter of data transmission that is out of range. It has intelligence to use previously stored data, during and after an arrhythmia with the help of wireless weight scale and blood pressure tracker to record vital information that is important for the management of cardiac failure patients. In case of a significant change in weight, it implies that there worsening heart failure or if a patient feels a problem with the defibrillator activate, then the patient can send the rhythm information to the physician who can analyze the data in a short time and determines whether the patient needs to be hospitalized. You can rely on our guidance with the writing unique computer science topics for research projects.

Computerized Mechanisms to Control the Car's Parts to get the best Performance from the Engine while Keeping Emissions Low

A car is installed with a computer that receives information from a collection of sensors which are designed to monitor things such as; air pressure, oxygen and engine temperature that controls the car’s parts and maintains gas emissions low. There are two sensors in regard to sensitivity i.e. pressure and light sensitivity sensors. Pressure sensitivity sensor detects changes in temperature and induces a voltage in response to solve the problem. Light sensors work like a mouse i.e. A small diode bounces light on the surface of a sensor to form images that are sent to the computer for analysis. The processor has the capability to learn the different pattern from the light sensor and make the decision which action to take to solve the problem basing its judgment on the previous patterns made by the sensor. Light sensor solves the problem by sending electrical signals to the central computer that activates appropriate response necessary to solve the problem.

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