Reliable Tips for Writing an Exquisite Academic Research Project
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  • You should start the dissertation writing process as early as possible. You should not wait until it is too late since you can hand in a low-quality paper when you write it hurriedly.
  • Do not be afraid to show your paper to the supervisor before completing it. That can help you get to see your dissertation from a different perspective and the mistakes in your paper.
  • Come up with an effective dissertation writing plan and stick to it. Make sure that your plan can enable you to finish early so that you can have enough time to review your paper.
  • Do not forget to proofread your dissertation chapters after writing so that you can eliminate the errors present.

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Business Administration Dissertation Papers Samples

Title: Impact of Induction Process on Employee Retention in Organizations

  1. This is a Dissertation paper on Business Administration in APA formatting, Qualitative study: Many organizations around the world have increasingly noted that employee turnover is one of the most important aspects of any organization. This is because the cost of employing new employees is very high due to the most important factors like training and honing the skills of new employees. When an organization has a high employee turnover, the company loses out on the employees' experience; hence, it is important for an organization to have an induction process which has been seen as a very important factor in ensuring that the organization keeps and retains the best human resource it has access to.

Title: A Survey of Intention to Leave, Job Satisfaction, Job Stress, and Burnout among Nurses in the Hail Region’s Hospitals in Saudi Arabia

  1. This is a Dissertation Literature review chapter on Business Administration in APA formatting, Qualitative study: This chapter presents a detailed review of existent literature, theories, and frameworks in the area of Saudi Arabian nurses' performance factors namely intention to leave, job satisfaction, job stress, and burnout. Theories and frameworks on each of these four factors are examined and the last three factors are examined in relation to the intention of nurses to leave the Hail region’s hospitals in Saudi Arabia. The chapter explores the nature and state of health services and nurses shortage in Saudi Arabia, under these five sections: intention to leave, job satisfaction, job stress, burnout, and health services and nurses shortage in Saudi Arabia. Each section will examine the theories and frameworks available in each area and expound on the relationship that exists between the various factors that affect the intention to leave a workstation. 

Title: Customer Service: A Case Study of Abbey Restaurant

  1. This is a Business Administration Dissertation paper on Customer Service in APA formatting, Quantitative study: This research paper explored the depths of customer service in relation to the success of a business. Along with the introduction, background information was provided to justify customer service as a rich niche for research. This research aimed at establishing the bearing of customer service on efficiency, financial goals as well as the implications best practices in customer service could bring to a business organization.

Title: Organizational Performance, Profitability, and Reduced Voluntary Employee Turnover

  1. This is a Business Administration Dissertation portfolio on Organizational structure in APA formatting, Quantitative study: The research aimed at establishing how reduced voluntary employee turnover can help to maximize organizational performance and profitability. To achieve this end, the research employed a case study; Reliance group, India which is considered an influential player in various important sectors of the Indian economy such as the Indian Capital Market, communication, infrastructure, oil as well as power generation through its six business sectors which include; Reliance capital, communications, infrastructure, health, entertainment, and Reliance power. The study utilized a quantitative design to analyze the data collected from the six business sectors making up Reliance Group, India. Quantitative analysis was suitable as the answers to the close-ended questions asked to the respondents were in codes generated from the Likert Scale.

Title: Organizational Performance, Profitability, and Reduced Voluntary Employee Turnover

  1. This is a Business Administration dissertation -chapter 3 paper on Organizational structure in APA formatting, Quantitative study: This methodology chapter presents the methods that were used in the process of data collection. In this case, research methodology is considered a systematic process that was used to establish how reduced voluntary employee turnover can help to maximize organizational performance and profitability. The study adopted a positivist philosophy which is predominantly used in research initiatives and is characterized by making comparisons and drawing conclusions using quantitative data

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