Covid-19 effects sample articlesThe outbreak of COVID 19 disrupted the lives of youths and children in many ways. It has had devastating effects on the youths and children since it had negative impacts on jobs, education, rights, and mental well-being. COVID-19 became a global health pandemic affecting not only the health of different people in many countries but also affected the normalcy of how different aspects of human life function from economic to social aspects. Though the young have been at less risk to the health implications of the virus, the impact of the pandemic has had a toll on their well-being in many other ways.

Effects of Covid 19 on Education;

Youths who study or combine study with work have been adversely affected by the closing of schools, universities, and training centers. This has resulted in them having learned less since the outbreak of COVID 19 because of the transition from classroom to online and distance learning. Some of the pupils and students who come from marginalized communities were accessing equipment like phones, computers, and laptops, internet access, and also income for them to buy bundles for online classes may stop having any classes at all.

Job & Employment Challenges During the Pandemic;

Most youths lost their jobs since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic. Following the calls for social distancing, service sector jobs that depend on customer-provider interactions or involve the congregation of large numbers of people was reduced or got closed. Also due to reduced business, most companies reduced their employees. Due to increased loss of employment most youths who are poor have been forced to participate in crimes for them to provide for their needs.

Effects of Growth & Development by Covid 19;

COVID 19 outbreak has deeply affected the environment in which children grow and develop. Girls in developing countries being the most affected by the secondary impacts of the outbreak due to harmful social norms and double discrimination based on age and gender. Measures to curb the disease just worsened existing inequalities forcing girls out of schools in some communities and placing them at heightened risk of violence in the home, early pregnancy, child marriage in some communities, and limited opportunities for education and employment.

Mental Health Issues due to the Pandemic;

The effects of the pandemic have also impacted the mental health of the youths, with the loss of income a major stressor; most youths felt more worried, nervous, hopeless, and depressed. This resulted in reduced mental health and psychological well-being. Children have been experiencing worry, anxiety, and fear, due to the fear of their parents dying, relatives dying. This has affected the mental well-being of the children.