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Starting an essay is not an easy task to most of the students and this is a most common challenge in essay writing. Many students struggle in finding the best way to start an essay. And in fact a large number of them are not sure on how to write an introduction paragraph of an essay. For this reason a lot of this students search desperately for someone to assist them in the best way to start an essay. If you are such a student, please feel welcome to visit where our highly qualified writers and editors are ready to assist you.
Introduction Paragraph
An introduction paragraph for an essay is the paragraph in your essay that acts as an entry point of your essay. This is the paragraph that introduces your essay to the reader. It should be written in a way that will give the reader a good first impression about your essay otherwise if it doesn’t do so, the reader might quit reading your essay.
Use of Facts
In deciding on the best way to start an essay, you may have different options to choose from but you are not restricted to pick any given number. You may decide to start your essay by a shocking fact. A shocking fact will with no doubts catch the attention of the reader and make him or her to be curious of what the rest of the essay contains and unknowingly he/she will end up reading the whole of your essay.
Use of Humor
You can also decide to use a humor as his/her best way to start an essay. Humor will easily lure your reader into reading the whole of your essay. Most of the readers find it interesting to read hilarious writings and hence humor can be effectively used in the introduction paragraph for an essay.
Engaging the Reader
You should also write the introduction paragraph for an essay in a way that will engage your reader to the subject of discussion. Failure to engage the reader in your essay may make the reader to feel left out and hence he or she is more likely to quit reading your essay.

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